Monday, September 8, 2008

Winter, I miss you. please come back sometime soon.

Au milieu de l'hiver by *roseonthegrey (@ DeviantArt)
Au milieu de l'hiver by *roseonthegrey (@ DeviantArt)

Winter I'm missing you pretty badly right now. You have snow, my birthday and wonderful layers (of clothing) and I can't have any of that 'till you come back. Fall is a decent rebound for now but I'm sick of Summer-like weather.


Ali said...

haha, I love this time of year. the bloggers in the northern hemisphere are all hating summer and wanting winter, us bloggers down under are all sick of winter and can't wait for summer. In a few months, we'll do the ol'switcheroo. and so it repeats every year. Do you think this is why we have seasons, so we always have something to look forward to? like how at the zoo they change the enclosures around every so often so the animals don't get bored?

---> ACE?!?! said...

amen darling!
god i can't wait till winter, or at least till the cool fall weather comes!
i hate being in hot places.
cool and cold are good for me
only draw back of winter is...
no leggy skirtss!!!

and ali, that is a very interesting notion!! I love living in Canada because we have four seasons. That means more clothin and more things for us to wear! ALSO i would be bored with the same season all the time.

Lady_V said...

Ali - Haha, I love your zoo metaphor. Well besides the scientific reasoning behind seasons I definitely think that, that is the major appeal behind seasons. Each one has it's pros and cons and I'm glad I have all 4 where I live or else I'd be very bored and wouldn't be able to make as many choices when it comes to clothing year round.

Ailish- but instead of leggy skirts we get skirts with wonderful beautiful stockings in all their glory <3 I don't really mind the heat (well except for how humid it gets in Hamilton) but I'm just ready for cooler weather. Plus clothing wise I don't get cold like other people do. I have no qualms about wearing shorts and leggings or stockings in February. So in the Winter time I have more freedom to wear what I want. But there's no way I'm pulling off Winter and most Fall outfits off in this Summer weather.

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