Thursday, September 25, 2008

Thinking, Think, Thought


Old and new and blue and black. No periods are allowed in these, but I'll bend the rules. Someone/something/some guy burned or rusted the edges of this (picture). I see something tiny in the right bottom corner, I wonder what it says? Can you see can I see? I wish I could see what this guy is wearing, black mysterious coat paired with a kind of leery look gives me this feeling. This=curious. Ha this makes no sense, but what sense does sense make? I spot a blue fire in some places in this picture. If i tilt my head and close my eyes I'll find strange faces making themselves known to me somewhere here. I'll train myself to make interesting facial expressions/sentences/statements one day.


That is/this is what I think when I see this picture.

What do you think?

Free Writing

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Alice said...

He looks like someone I'd like to meet...!

----The only rules I dress by are my own----

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