Thursday, September 18, 2008

TiLT #6

Lonely Girl photoshoot shot by Louise Park (Vogue Girl Korea)

*my parent's clothes: Why bother buying new clothes when you can "borrow" your parents? Today I wore, this white shirt. I thought it belonged to my dad but it was (mine now =D ) my mom's. She wore it when she was my age and couldn't bear to throw it out because she loved it so much.

*Martha!: Martha is a friend from school. Martha is getting a new ipod soon. Martha is giving Valentina her old mp3 player for free. This makes Valentina a very very happy girl.

*the bus: The bus has been frustrating lately and has lead to me being late a couple times for class but I still love it. I like seeing all these people and taking my time going around the city when I need to get somewhere. Also the other day when I was busing home, the cutest little boy was fascinated by my briefcase/school bag. He played with my bag and tried to figure out how to open if for the 20 minutes that I was on the bus. His name was Jackson and he was beautiful baby. As I got off the bus I told him that my bag would never forget him, hehehe.

*Helena!: Helena is a close friend of mine who has mad drawing skills. I like the header I have for my blog right now but it's too confusing to tell what it is, if you don't know what to look for. Sooo I asked Helena to draw something for me to use and she said she would. She said she could most likely finish drawing it in her art class tomorrow. I roughly (and I do mean roughly, my drawing skills aren't as ummm nice as Helena's) sketched out some ideas I had and gave her the paper. I can't wait to see what she comes up with!

*SYTYCD Canada: I'm not falling head over heels in love with any of the dancers from the auditions (yet) and the different "vibe" of the show is a little weird to me since I've only watched the American SYTYCD. I really really like it thought and am anxiously waiting for the Toronto finals episodes to come on. Ugh I have to wait two weeks for that though.

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awww sooooooooo cute!

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