Thursday, September 11, 2008

What I Wore - x 2

Wearing a scarf as a shirt is a viable alternative
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This is what I wore to school yesterday.
I'm wearing;
-my dad's sweater
-a scarf/pashima (as a shirt). I bought this in Egypt for about 5$.
-Red headband salvaged from an old torn pair of stockings.
-Skinny jeans I got from Urban Outfitters for about 15$.

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Photo taken by Tala

This is what I wore to school on Monday and on the 6th to Locke Street Festival. The only difference would be the footwear. I wore sandals on the 6th and on Monday I wore my black mary jane's with my polka-dot socks.
I'm wearing;
-grey tank from H&M
-my mother's jacket
-red headband
-UO skinny jeans
-polka-dot socks
-my mary-jane heels (about 2 inches high)
-my VV briefcase

And in case you're wondering I'm holding my keys in my hand.


SOS! said...

love your mom and dad's cardigans!

Lady_V said...


----The only rules I dress by are my own----

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