Thursday, February 26, 2009

Missed connections and adorable nuns


ahhhhhhhhhhhh omg omg omg :x
this is very unsettling
our tv is broken (only temporarily thank god) and I have no idea who's airing them or when the final Pushing Daisies eps are being shown
I need to see this episode asap

I'm still sore about this show being canceled
on the other hand the Arrested Development movie is apparently going to actually happen
(fucking a)

Centre of it All

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What at the centre of your universe? What comes after that? What about after that?

The composition of the Universe of one Lady V
happiness, friends, reading, writing, being, singing, and observing

And after that
laughing, sleeping, communicating, purple

And after that
breaking rules, post-it note plots

And after that
dreaming up stories of strangers, finding out what being me means, day dreams of University

And after that
approval of others that I respect, getting that giant mens watch i want and purple hair (ugh I want that so bad)

And after that
languages especially japanese and french, traveling, random happenstances

Sweet Dreams

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night night, sugarplum
a goodnight greeting from Rae

Wanna Please Me?

Then deliver a pair of these in lime yellow (wtf those are green not yellow!) or in pink on my door step.


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I can feel the universe pulling me in this scary direction. Really though, the place I'm stuck in right now is probably the scariest thing. I need the hand of the Universe and the hand of my own intuition take control for a while. I can do a lot of things, I just have to stop blinding myself. I need to stop expecting failure and being surprised by success. My body isn't meant to be this numb, my core is starting to fall asleep in my complacency. I'll give myself a shock to my system, I've already had a little taste of electricity and I want more.


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My new favorite term of frustration.

TiLT #10


Hamilton Spectator: especially my supervisor Joanne W-S. She's super nice and really understanding if I don't get everything done. There isn't really a set deadline for things for when things need to be published in general. But I am supposed to have everything up on the Spec blog by March break. The other people who are in the office I volunteer in are nice to be around too. Just a good atmosphere in general.

A little confidence and my principal: On the 19th I read the introduction in front of the school for the Black History Month assembly. After I read it twice (the assembly was split in two because of how many students there are at Westdale). It wasn't bad at all. Then I started thinking of how I get annoyed with Black History Month because we never really learn anything new and Black contributions are somewhat reduced to quiz facts. The assembly itself went quite well. There was a performance by a school step team and dub poet Klyde Brook performed as well. Anyways, it seems like with all the diversity talk that the opportunity to have actual discussions on various race issues are pushed to the way side as to not step on any toes. Not cool, not cool at all. Soooooooo I'm hoping to organize a type of race, racial awareness, and racism assembly or buy-in for the school. I'll keep you guys updated as this epiphany develops.

Sholeh: I was lolly gagging after school yesterday waiting for one of my bf's sister to get something and I ended getting the front of my hair corn rowed by Sholeh. Now she'll be braiding my hair every week some day after school. This is super convenient because no one in my house knows how to braid well. :X

Open atmosphere: (in my house) My house has a pretty open layout and it seems to be a funny correlation to the attitude of my family. We're open, and my house is generally pretty lively, either with voices, tv or computers pumping music. Sometimes it can be frazzling but overall it's wonderful to be around this.

Mrs. Shaw: She's my math teacher. This semester one of the classes I have is mixed math. Which is college and uni math mixed together. She can be a little condescending at times (she doesn't do it on purpose, she's a new teacher and I just think she hasn't struck that balance on how to communicate to students yet). I literally get anxiety attacks when it comes to math tests and quizzes. Thankfully when I, in a fit of frustration hand in a half completed test, get pushed by her to finish it. When I checked my mark and it said 90% I was shocked. I still am. I could actually finish this class with a pretty decent mark. But yeah I just really appreciate how she pushes me and let's my slow self take the time I need to finish stuff.

Direction: This, Idon'tevenknowwhattocallit, thing I wrote later today. I like it when I write something and I don't feel silly after.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009


Sannah Kvist on flickr

Hey, potential, is that you?

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Driving Dream/Future Memory


I've always wanted to go on a road trip. Maybe to somewhere like Montreal or New York.

Monday, February 9, 2009


There are no words.
----The only rules I dress by are my own----

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