Saturday, July 26, 2008

Dumb It Down

You've been shedding too much light Lu
(Dumb it down)
You make'em wanna do right Lu
(Dumb it down)
They're getting self-esteem Lu
(Dumb it down)
These girls are trying to be queens Lu
(Dumb it down)
They're trying to graduate from school Lu
(Dumb it down)
They're starting to think that smart is cool Lu
(Dumb it down)
They're trying to get up out the hood Lu
(Dumb it down)
I'll tell you what you should do
(Dumb it down)
Dumb It Down

Thursday, July 24, 2008




I'm going to go watch Dr. Horrible again and some Buffy to cheer myself up.

p.s. At least I have a strong feeling that Will will continue on with dance, it wouldn't surprise me if he ended up with Alvin Ailey. And at the very least he got a ton of exposure with the show. I also want to know where Will got his "The Cool Ingredients" t-shirt that he was wearing today (...Check your ingredients, before you overdose from the cool.)

Wednesday, July 16, 2008


I had a very..... startling and upsetting thing happen to me this morning on my way to summer school.

I was walking along York to SJAM and this guy starts talking to me;

Random Guy: I wish it was 1950 so you would be considered the nigger that you are instead of me, nigger.
Me:.................................................................................... >_> (wtf?)
Random other guy getting into his car: I'm sorry that you had to deal with that. It's ridiculous.
Racist guy formerly known as the random guy: *somethingsomething* (I was too far away at this point to hear everything) shut the fuck up! *something something*
Random other guy: Yeah whatever keep living that good life you have**, you faggot!
Me: T_T

That was first time in my entire life I've ever been talked to like that. Every other form of racism that I've dealt with has either been patronizing-passive aggressive (a certain someone being surprised I could read) or has occurred behind my back so I'm not aware of it.

After I calmed down I started replaying the whole "conversation" in my head. Why did that guy find it so revolting to see me being called a nigger, but find it appropriate to the situation to call that racist guy a fagget? Nothing in our three way pseudo conversation was anything said to lead either of us to assume that racist guy was homosexual. But nice-random-guy threw the word fagget out there as an insult?

Hmmm...... it's frustrating for me because "gay" has become the favorite new adjective (alongside others like "sick" and "emo") to be re-branded. So now instead of meaning either happy or homosexual, "gay" is an insult or meant to describe something or someone that is stupid.

It seems we as a society have moved on from targeting black people (at least in the open with no "repercussions") to gay people. Not to say that black people aren't being targeted because regardless of what a lot of people think or say, racism (sexism etc.) is alive and kicking. 50+ years from now we'll have moved on to some other group of people that are different from what is perceived as the norm.

Also I'm guessing that some people who know me are wondering why I didn't cuss that ignorant fool out. Well at the time I was just left utterly speechless. But looking back on it now, even if I did react I still don't think I would have said anything. I don't know if that person is drunk or high or has a weapon on their person. Too many people have dedicated their entire lives and poured their sweat and blood to give me the opportunities I have, for me to be wasting my time on an ignorant fuck, who wouldn't have been "enlightened" regardless of any witty come backs I would have thrown his way. I don't have time for that bullshit.

**=this was obviously a sarcastic remark since this guy looked like a strung out bum.

Monday, July 14, 2008

A PostSecret that I happen to share


-------------various pictures that inspire me and make me question how I define my own style (sources: Style Sightings , LOOKBOOK & The Face Hunter)

Odd People and their Odd Ways

weird weird weird by monamonamona on flickr

Have you ever used something public (bus, library etc.) and seen something crazy and/or something that has secured or shaken your belief in humanity? I've seen all three but right now at Central Library there's a man beside me with some weird fetish with lambs. And he keeps "shaking" oddly in his seat from time to time. Riiighhhhttt >_>
ETA: O_O Never mind the man is fully watching cowboy (I think) porn (it's more like a repeated image) and really should just go in the bathroom and "relieve" himself so I don't feel so uncomfortable.
ETA: I just got impatient and ratted on the guy to the librarian. Hopefully my raised voice carried over and he'll chicken out and stop cyber-sex chatting

Wide Eyes Shut............apathy at its best

We are by nohablo on flickr

Hmmm.. good way to start off an entry, I know. But that's the shortest and most articulate way that I can show you my perticular feelings towards apathy. Teenage apathy to be specific. I just finished having a conversation with my friend Diana while reading through some Adbuster magazines at Central and it was relieving to see someone besides myself left agape at how "out of it" my peers are. A lot of teens seem to only see one or more of the following things:

1. validating themselves or their egos through objects or through "opinions" of others (or through their school marks)

2. School (studying for exams, finishing one of a 100 things)

3. Social Events

4. The new episode of ANTM or Girlicious

5. Latest gossip in school


>_> It does not help that most of my peers come from homes with parents that are exactly the same. Except they confuse "information" with "knowledge" and "knowledge" with "wisdom" and think that once High School is over so is all the so called pettiness that goes with it. So you know, they can continue to act like their sons and daughters. But it's not the same because obviously people don't act like this or that outside of High School. I really really think this is just another thing that people delude themselves about. Honestly, people have this idea in their minds that High School is this distorted caricature of this patented hell designed for us special teenagers. But it's not. It's what life is like concentrated because atleast IMHO you don't get a chance like that again to see so many different types of people thrown into one place and trying to interact/ignore eachother.

I'd like to have a conversation with a person I don't know about something other than SYTYCD (which I love by the way.) I'd like to not feel the need to resort to using either television or superficial means to connect to people. I'd also love for people to stop telling teenagers, this is how I expect you to act, (hate yourself, drink constantly, not being aware of anything besides your own backyard.) and this is how you're going to act. And I'm going to make excuses for you every step of the way, because you're my baby and I most protect you at all costs. It's so damaging in so many ways. We're all walking around with our eyes wide shut into walls we can't see, bashing our heads again again and again.

I just want to talk to people who are conscious of what's going on around them, but it seems like a lot to ask of a lot of people...
psst, I apologize for abusing run on sentences like there's no tomorrow.
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