Thursday, July 24, 2008




I'm going to go watch Dr. Horrible again and some Buffy to cheer myself up.

p.s. At least I have a strong feeling that Will will continue on with dance, it wouldn't surprise me if he ended up with Alvin Ailey. And at the very least he got a ton of exposure with the show. I also want to know where Will got his "The Cool Ingredients" t-shirt that he was wearing today (...Check your ingredients, before you overdose from the cool.)


Katie @ Très Lola said...

SYTYCD is great hey? I saw the aussie version & thought it was tops <3

tuntra said...

SYTYCD is my drug of choice (well actually television in general is my drug of choice.) The top 8 episode was amazing, a lot of people did really well. But I'm still very sad that Will got sent home. I'm hoping that Katee wins now.

I also reaaaalllly want to get tickets to the tour this year, I tried last year but the concert sold out in 15 minutes or something like that. And the computer I used was too slow.

Peajai said...

I was majorly upset Will got sent home too. Who keeps voting for Mark??? He has been one of the worst!

tuntra said...

Personalities are winning over actual talent. >_>

Plus I was lurking on Livejournal earlier this week and there was a post about how Mark fans weren't going down without a fight. Everyone had pretty much assumed that he (Mark) was going to get sent home so I guess people tried really hard to keep him in. Arrgghh

My ideal top 4 would be Katee, Chelsie, Joshua and Twitch. I'll be really upset if Mark bumps off Josh or Twitch next week.

Also I noticed that Mark had the same problem as Kherington, as soon as they danced with different people they couldn't dance as well as they used to.

tuntra said...

Also I don't think that Mark is the worst-- I actually really like him but I think that when you compare Mark to Will, Will is the better dancer.

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