Friday, August 29, 2008

Blog Break

Camille Vivier
Camille Vivier

School starts next week for me and these past days I've been busy doing the usual stuff that needs to be done before school starts (cleaning my room, buying new clothes, organizing my bag etc.). I'm going to take an itty bitty blog break. I'll be back September 2nd and if I find anything interesting I might do some more "Eye Candy" posts during my hiatus.

See you in 5 days! ;)

*p.s. yeah that means no "Link Love" or "TiLT" posts this week. Sorry I just don't have the energy for it right now with all this other stuff going on.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Eye Candy #1 {The Mask}

So Many Questions

Solve Sundsbo
Solve Sundsbo
When you look at this picture what do you see?
I see a beautiful face made up of mostly fake parts, but beautiful all the same.
When you see this picture, why does it have to mean (to most) that you need to match? Why can't you both be beautiful in your/her parallel fake/real worlds?

I mean, it's no secret to anyone how make believe this make up on her face is. But you (probably) still want to match. Why?

Why does the fact that men prefer 10 instead of 2's make anyone feel better? Why is my satisfaction and self-love being defined by men and fake women in the media?

I thank my mother (in all her underwear dancing glory) for loving herself so I could love me.

Just some random (or not so random....) thoughts and my attempt to get them down somewhere before they scattered off.

Friday, August 22, 2008

TiLT #3

Glynis Selina Arbas
Glynis Selina Arbas

-Veronica's Birthday : Veronica's 13 now! We had a laid back celebration in her name. We went to Chapters, went and watched Mamma Mia and talked for an hour eating Wendy's. I love you Veronica!

-Addicted To Race Podcast I've been devouring this podcast liiikke crazy. ATR is about America's obsession with race. ATR is created by the same people over at Racialicious. It's very informative and interesting and brings issues that I tend to not pay attention to to the forefront of my mind. Gives my mind something to feed on. I'm hoping I can find another podcast similar to this one except based in Canada.

-Photoshop I'm having a lot of fun playing around with this program. I'm no pro yet but thanks to Diana for giving the program with the crack I have it for life now. ;)

-Surf the Channel My computer is too slow right now for me to be downloading shows onto it right now. So STC is great for me because it has everything I'm interesting in watching right now uploaded there. FYI the site is having a contest at the moment. Go over there and check it out.

-my Westdale pants These are the perfect lazing about the house pants. They have the longest crotch ever on them but I think it adds a laid back charm to them.

-Google Reader This is such a life saver! The only 2 drawbacks are that 1) I tend to forget to check up on sites that aren't in my rss feeder and 2) Some people don't have the complete blog posts in the rss feeder, so that's annoying. But besides those two things it's really useful for keeping tabs on all the sites and blogs that I watch.

-Amazon(camera charger) I've resigned myself to my fate. I'm 99.9% sure that my charger was in my pencil case. The pencil case that got stolen when I was at the Classics Conference. I'm really tempted to buy the cheapest replacement but that could screw up my camera and/or my battery. The cheapest authentic replacement (without the bidding war) I can find is on Amazon.

-The impending doom that is school By the way I phrased that it shouldn't be here right? Well it is because I'm have a love/hate relationship with school right now. Once school starts I'll have much more to blog about and I'll have stuff to do. Plus I get to see all my friends etc. But then on the other hand I have to re-do gr.10 french and I have no idea which 10-ers are in my class. It is going to be a lot of fun but I'm going to have a lot on my plate but I'll be doing stuff I love.

*Sorry for this being late. I was out all day yesterday for Veronica's birthday.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Fall&Winter 2008 Inspiration

I went internet crawling these past two days to try and get some"fashion direction". I still can't really crystallize what
my style is. Right now
there's just stuff I do like and stuff I don't like. Anyways I have images from some Fall '08 RTW
collections, street style blogs and fellow fashionistas
to help serve as inspiration for what I'll be wearing in Fall and
There's also a healthy does of shoe lust at the bottom.

Fall '08 Ready to Wear Collections
(click all the pictures for the grandiose versions)
fall inspiration 11

fall inspiration 10

fall inspiration 9

fall inspiration 8

fall inspiration 7

fall inspiration 6

fall inspiration 5

fall inspiration 4


Street Style

fall inspiration 20

fall inspiration 19

fall inspiration 18

Fellow Fashionistas

fall inspiration 16

fall inspiration 15

fall inspiration 14

fall inspiration 13

fall inspiration 12

fall inspiration 17

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Link Love #2

Bharet Sakki
Bharat Sikka
::Fashion Editorials::
Welcome to the Witching Hour featuring Jourdan Dunn for i-D (shot by Emma Summerton)
Reality Show shot featuring Sasha Pivivarova for Vogue Paris (shot by Craig McDean)
Suggestions featuring Olga Kurylenko for Vogue Italia (shot by Greg Williams)

- Science gets us one step closer to an Invisibility Cloak

- Veronica's iPhone malfunctioned in the coolest way

-May I Be Offended on Your Behalf?

-Winona brings us another round of Six Impressions

-I loooooovvvveee this outfit

- Condi, we need to talk & Beauty is in the..... are 2 good reads over @ Field Negro

-Betty does it again with some Old School Pics

- Visit this amazing site, RIGHT NOW! (Yes I mean now)

-This is clear evidence that Tyra has been sniffing some serious shit. There is no other excuse for these Cycle 11 promos.

Saturday, August 16, 2008

What I Wore Before

The hunt continues. My camera charger is still evading me and I refuse to pay 70$ for a new one. Maybe I can find a cheap one on ebay... hmm. Anyways I was perusing some old pictures of myself and came to the conclusion that I liked a lot of the things I wore when I was 1-6, after that not so much. I also tend to cringe a bit when I see old pictures of myself from 7 years old and up because I got taller then gained weight sooo I look very gangly in those pictures.

To compensate for the fact that I can't do any WIWT posts until my camera charger re-appears into my life, here are some peaks into what-I-wore-when-I-was- much-younger.

Rocking the Mickey Mouse faux motorcycle.
-Purple jacket with floral details - with the hood up.
-Turquoise (I think they were corduroy) pants
-White sneakers with violet and deep purple laces.

Casual outfit.
-yellow t-shirt
-pink leggings
-and a very hard to see gold bracelet on my right wrist

Romper love.
-Turquoise romper
-pink t-shirt
-gold bracelet

My favorite!
-Purple jacket with floral details - with the hood down.
-Orange and purple hat.
-Orange skirt
-Purple leggings or tights
-White sneakers with violet and deep purple laces.

Another orange love!
-Orange and purple dress

How I would wear it Now
These are my current takes on my old outfits -- how I would wear those 5 outfits now.

Remix- Outfit 1
remix 1
-Betsy Johnson shirt
-AA tights
-fredflare flats

Remix- Outfit 2
remix 2
-AA racer back dress and Art deco tights
-plastic land heels

Remix- Outfit 3
remix 3
-Phillip Lim Linen playsuit
-AA stirrup tights
-plastic land heels

Remix- Outfit 4
remix 4
-Betsy Johnson skirt
-AA zippered body suit
-We Love Color! tights
-plastic land heels
-fredflare flats

Remix- Outfit 5
remix 5
-American Apparel oversized unisex tee and leggings

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Dear Valentina (stop wasting your own time)

I have a serious issue of not giving myself the chance to do well in school by holding myself back. I do this by procrastinating (to the absolute last minute). I don’t do homework, I don’t study, I don’t go to class. Which equals a hell lot of bad marks, failing marks, and me having to sign a contract now to go back to Westdale. (Contract as in something saying I won’t miss classes etc. or I get kicked out.)

The fact that I have wonderful parents is only more evident because instead screaming and yelling at me like I think I deserve, we’re talking about what I’m doing wrong and what I need to do to stop and succeed in school.

What I need to do is stop procrastinating. No more I’ll start in 30 minutes bullshit. I’m too smart for this and most of the time I’m just anxious about doing the work so I avoid it. What I need to do now is establish a routine and stick to it and get used to working first and playing later. Another push in the right direction is to put this whole thing up somewhere public so I’m more inclined to accomplish all this.

Wish me luck. And people who know me, say the word procrastinate whenever you see me procrastinating, please.

Goals to achieve by the end of the summer
-start cross stitch return beads
-have my room tidy and organized
-organize French and science binder
-have my sleeping pattern in order (bed by 11:30, waking up by 6:30am)

Goals to achieve during school year
-maintain a 85%-93% average
-balance extra curriculars with school
All year long responsibilities
*semi-passive member of triune
*rugby 2nd semester
*school newspaper?
*volunteering with journalism related things
*working on weekends
*Model UN
*my blog
-start saving money for Romania trip (Photography/Journalism summer '09)
-maintain a healthy sleeping pattern

Temporary Responsibilities
-Keep the Beat
-Halloween volunteering

"Arrogant" is the new "uppity"

Holy crap and oh my god. I was going through my rss feeds and came across this article by the Black Snob. It's about subversive racism that is pervasive in America and how that ties into how people are going on about how arrogant and elitist Obama is being. Read it, comment on it if you wish and pass the link on.

some text

"And Massa said, "Who let you in here? Yes, you. With that inconveniently independent mind armed with facts. With your standing up straight and talking white, looking The Man directly in the eye. Just who do you think you are? Because you're not me. You're nothing like me who is better than you. So you are an insult to me. You refute my long-held beliefs about you so you must be proven wrong.

"This is a trick. This is a gimmick. This is a game. I am the fleet of foot and you are the beast of burden. I placed shackles on your feet so that you would never get off the ground, yet there you are, an indictment of me, flying high above me, doing me one better, twice better, thrice better over and over again. Who released you from those chains because someone like you could have never figured out how to get out of them yourself.

"Who gave you the right, the permission, the clearance, the verification and insinuation that you are free? Who did this? Who taught you to read? It was against the law and you are too obtuse to understand the meaning of these words, yet you insist on speaking them. Yet you insist on looking me in the eye and demanding that I address you by your name. Who do you think you are and who let you in here? I said, who let you in here where the sign said niggers and women need not apply?"

Wednesday, August 13, 2008


smell of a freezer
I know that sounds weird. But haven't you ever stuck your head in a freezer before and smelt that cool fresh air? Sometimes in the winter you get that same scent outside. I love that.

Well not actual cleaning, but the end result (aka me being able to see my bedroom floor*). I had to "half" clean my room on Tuesday to get bus tickets to head off to Diana's house, so I did. And I like what I see. Saturday is when I'll when finish cleaning.

-This video: ahahahaha.

I downloaded twhirl a couple of days ago, I really enjoy using it. I have it with the "Black Magic" theme for now. It's very useful for when you're using programs like Photoshop etc. and you don't want to open up a browser to tweet.

-foto decadent: Wonderful place for finding fashion editorials.

Bay Front park
I went there on the 10th with my family. We went to the park for a bit, went on a trail and laid and talked by the water front. I was really vexed because I didn't/couldn't have my camera with me to take pictures. I shrugged it off eventually and enjoyed the sound of the water hitting the shore, mother ducklings leading her young, watching people row, walking between my parents with our arms all linked & crazy hijinks in our last car ride.

Tresemme Shampoo & Conditioner
When my Aunt Akilah and Vera went over to New Jersey to do some back to school shopping they got us some Tresemme hair care products. It's soooo nice, and after using it, it left my hair very smooth and tangle free. Not to mention how good my hair smelled afterwards.

new visitors
200+ visitors is nothing for some bloggers but every time I check my stats over at sitemeter and see that someone else has looked at my blog, it leaves my heart all a flutter~. Bonus points if the person actually read for more than 30 secs and/or left a comment.

When I went over to Di's we watched 3 episodes of Firefly. This show is so kick-ass! I'm falling pretty hard for this show, it's going to be "Avatar" all over again when it's over.

fresh cool night air
the sort the greets me through my bedroom window.

twitter conversations
Reading Nubby+Gala+Gilda's plan/talk about Nubby+Gala's wedding is priceless. I wonder how much it would cost for me to go to NY for the week of the wedding. Hmmm.. I could dress up as a transylvanian (the wedding remix) over the top character for their wedding if I went. =D

My father's laughter
(Ahaha) While I was typing this I could hear my father's laughter from downstairs. He's laughs like a hyena and he has the type of laugh that as soon as you hear you start to laugh too. I've had many conversations with my sisters where there is a pause, and my father is happy to fill it with his laughter - which then sends me, my sisters and sometimes my mother off into hysterics.

TiLT #2 Photo Credit
1. Chadwick Tyler
2. Fashion Editorial 'The Women' by Sebastien Faena
3. Wenda Rogerson (1948) shot by Clifford Coffin
4. Unknown model (1948) shot by Clifford Coffin
5. Chadwick Tyler

*yes my room is that messy.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Today...... well actually yesterday was the last day my family had with our not-so-beloved saturn. My parents decided to get rid of it because there is always something wrong with it, or some weird new sound coming from something falling off. Sooo they aren't going to keep paying for car insurance which means bye-bye car. We'll be a bus and bike family from now on. I guess I'm a rare breed because I really like taking the bus (yes even in the winter) and I like the challenge this presents to us as a family. Getting around without a car isn't nearly as hard as a lot of people make out. The major thing is that it'll take longer to get around. Which is only a problem for me because I have serious time management issues but hopefully with time and practice it'll be possible. Plus I'm already used to taking the bus to school and to get around whenever my parents weren't able to drive me. Whenever we do need a car (to get to my grandma's house etc.) we can rent a car for the day. A lot of people at my mom's job think this is craazzyy and it'll be impossible for us to live without a car. I look forward to proving them wrong.

Monday, August 11, 2008

Link Love (8.11.08.)

Photograph by Tara Darby

..Fashion Editorials..
- Night at the Circus
-Red Alert
-Fashion Olympics
-Aqua caliente

*Stalk Gala Darling more efficiently now (no joke!)

*Time line of internet memes. Sign up for an account if you want to add something.

*Is boredom the key to creativity?

*Paris Hilton for President?

* Tragic yet inspiring story of the girl in the window.

*Top 10 reasons to create a top ten list

*Backstage info on the SYTYCD season 4 finale

*Russia to outlaw 'emo' music?

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Sunday, August 10, 2008

SYTYCD Season 4 Finale -- Reaction Post

Before I start typing up my notes (I had to use a pen and a piece of paper. My mom wouldn't have let me use her laptop to live-blog) may I just say HOLY CRAP. That was IMHO the best finale we've had, just adlsdjlaskjda. It had all my favorite dances in it, and holy shit Cirque de Soleil (I want to see you guys live!), and Mary and Nigel dancing! And then the best of all four seasons coming back =D I was just sad that Sabra wasn't there for the part but I'm guessing that she was busy with something else.

And the best part of all was who won of course!

8:10pm - loved the group routine by Shane Sparks
-yay, we get to see the bollywood dance again. I feel like they did it better the first time but it was nice to see it again.
-Courtney and Gev's dance was 'meh' for me. I liked seeing
Gev on stage again though, he seems like such a sweetheart.
8:32pm - Phillip+Robert dance battle = MADNESS (loved it). In case you haven't heard, Robert snagged some Ikea commercials. (1, 2, 3)
8:45pm - I'm also 'meh' on Comfort and Twitches hip hop routine. The fact that I'm tired of hearing that song probably doesn't help.
8:47pm -
(Mark & Chelsea's Bleeding Love routine) Ohh another one of my favorites, I think the emotion came across stronger the first time they performed this routine but again it was fun to watch again.
8:50pm - :O!!!! Mary and Dmitry! I liked this routine and it was awesome to see how the judges light up when they're doing what they do best.

8:54pm - !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! gaahhh my absolute favorite from the whole season. This Pa De Deux that Will and Katee perform gets to me every time I see it.
9:00pm - I'm really liking this new choreographer Sonya. The routine that Mark and Courtney did to The Garden by Mirah is my favorite Courtney dance.
9:03pm - DUN DUN DUN! First elimination. I like Courtney but I was relived it wasn't any of the other three that came in 4th place. Now I'm not really picky about who wins. I'd like Katee to take it, if not her then Joshua, but Twitch winning wouldn't bother me either.
9:10pm - Top 5 guys dance, 4/5 for me.
9:12pm - ahasldjlkdjlka Cirque du Soleil's Believe performance was my favorite guest performance. This twisted weird stuff is right up my alley.

9:19pm - 2nd Elimination - NOO! Katee I wanted you to win it! =[
- Holy crap she won 50k! Congrats, she definitely earned it.
9:25pm - Debbie Allen's Dance Academy (Tap Dance/Happy Feet) + Nigel, 5/5. It was so nice to see Nigel lighting up like that. Not to mention how well everyone was dancing. It must take an insane amount of effort for that many people to all tap in time together.
9:32pm - Twitch & Katee (Mercy by Duffy) - Another performance I enjoyed more the first time around but I still enjoyed watching it.
9:41pm - Twitch & Kherington - Beautiful.
9:46pm - Joshua & Katee (this seasons Benjelle for me) was a nice big YES!
9:50pm - =DDDD The Best of SYTYCD was sick. Woow I didn't recognize Ivan until the last second. 5/5
- YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS WOOO! JOSH WON! (If you were anywhere near my house when my family and I were watching this, you would of heard the resounding shrieks of joy coming from Veronica, me and my mom.)

*sorry for the post being late, considering that the finale was 4 days ago.
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