Wednesday, August 13, 2008


smell of a freezer
I know that sounds weird. But haven't you ever stuck your head in a freezer before and smelt that cool fresh air? Sometimes in the winter you get that same scent outside. I love that.

Well not actual cleaning, but the end result (aka me being able to see my bedroom floor*). I had to "half" clean my room on Tuesday to get bus tickets to head off to Diana's house, so I did. And I like what I see. Saturday is when I'll when finish cleaning.

-This video: ahahahaha.

I downloaded twhirl a couple of days ago, I really enjoy using it. I have it with the "Black Magic" theme for now. It's very useful for when you're using programs like Photoshop etc. and you don't want to open up a browser to tweet.

-foto decadent: Wonderful place for finding fashion editorials.

Bay Front park
I went there on the 10th with my family. We went to the park for a bit, went on a trail and laid and talked by the water front. I was really vexed because I didn't/couldn't have my camera with me to take pictures. I shrugged it off eventually and enjoyed the sound of the water hitting the shore, mother ducklings leading her young, watching people row, walking between my parents with our arms all linked & crazy hijinks in our last car ride.

Tresemme Shampoo & Conditioner
When my Aunt Akilah and Vera went over to New Jersey to do some back to school shopping they got us some Tresemme hair care products. It's soooo nice, and after using it, it left my hair very smooth and tangle free. Not to mention how good my hair smelled afterwards.

new visitors
200+ visitors is nothing for some bloggers but every time I check my stats over at sitemeter and see that someone else has looked at my blog, it leaves my heart all a flutter~. Bonus points if the person actually read for more than 30 secs and/or left a comment.

When I went over to Di's we watched 3 episodes of Firefly. This show is so kick-ass! I'm falling pretty hard for this show, it's going to be "Avatar" all over again when it's over.

fresh cool night air
the sort the greets me through my bedroom window.

twitter conversations
Reading Nubby+Gala+Gilda's plan/talk about Nubby+Gala's wedding is priceless. I wonder how much it would cost for me to go to NY for the week of the wedding. Hmmm.. I could dress up as a transylvanian (the wedding remix) over the top character for their wedding if I went. =D

My father's laughter
(Ahaha) While I was typing this I could hear my father's laughter from downstairs. He's laughs like a hyena and he has the type of laugh that as soon as you hear you start to laugh too. I've had many conversations with my sisters where there is a pause, and my father is happy to fill it with his laughter - which then sends me, my sisters and sometimes my mother off into hysterics.

TiLT #2 Photo Credit
1. Chadwick Tyler
2. Fashion Editorial 'The Women' by Sebastien Faena
3. Wenda Rogerson (1948) shot by Clifford Coffin
4. Unknown model (1948) shot by Clifford Coffin
5. Chadwick Tyler

*yes my room is that messy.


Diana said...

lulz @:
america ferrera video

and we use the same shampoo! tresemme~!

tuntra said...

tresemme tresemme oh la la~

Annie said...

I love that you love your father's laughter. I count laughter from my loved one's as one of my favorite sounds. :)

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