Tuesday, August 26, 2008

So Many Questions

Solve Sundsbo
Solve Sundsbo
When you look at this picture what do you see?
I see a beautiful face made up of mostly fake parts, but beautiful all the same.
When you see this picture, why does it have to mean (to most) that you need to match? Why can't you both be beautiful in your/her parallel fake/real worlds?

I mean, it's no secret to anyone how make believe this make up on her face is. But you (probably) still want to match. Why?

Why does the fact that men prefer 10 instead of 2's make anyone feel better? Why is my satisfaction and self-love being defined by men and fake women in the media?

I thank my mother (in all her underwear dancing glory) for loving herself so I could love me.

Just some random (or not so random....) thoughts and my attempt to get them down somewhere before they scattered off.


Annie said...

That's a really cool Adbusters ad. I love the Dove campaign too...

And it sounds like you have a great mom. :)

Lady_V said...

I like the idea behind the Dove campaign. But the fact that they're owned by Unilever (who also owns Axe Body Spray and some other skin bleaching product) ruins the authenticity of the campaign for me.

More info on that here

Yeah my mom is pretty awesome ;)

rex said...

Oh oh oh, I've already shown you this but it ought to be posted here because it fits in with what you're saying. :0


Adbusters is so healthy. :|
At.. what, eight dollars a magazine?
I wish I could afford to collect them. Shoulda taken media arts. x)

Lady_V said...

Thanks for putting that link up here ;)

Here's another video that needs to be watched.

Hmm I might do another rec post for this video...

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