Sunday, August 10, 2008

SYTYCD Season 4 Finale -- Reaction Post

Before I start typing up my notes (I had to use a pen and a piece of paper. My mom wouldn't have let me use her laptop to live-blog) may I just say HOLY CRAP. That was IMHO the best finale we've had, just adlsdjlaskjda. It had all my favorite dances in it, and holy shit Cirque de Soleil (I want to see you guys live!), and Mary and Nigel dancing! And then the best of all four seasons coming back =D I was just sad that Sabra wasn't there for the part but I'm guessing that she was busy with something else.

And the best part of all was who won of course!

8:10pm - loved the group routine by Shane Sparks
-yay, we get to see the bollywood dance again. I feel like they did it better the first time but it was nice to see it again.
-Courtney and Gev's dance was 'meh' for me. I liked seeing
Gev on stage again though, he seems like such a sweetheart.
8:32pm - Phillip+Robert dance battle = MADNESS (loved it). In case you haven't heard, Robert snagged some Ikea commercials. (1, 2, 3)
8:45pm - I'm also 'meh' on Comfort and Twitches hip hop routine. The fact that I'm tired of hearing that song probably doesn't help.
8:47pm -
(Mark & Chelsea's Bleeding Love routine) Ohh another one of my favorites, I think the emotion came across stronger the first time they performed this routine but again it was fun to watch again.
8:50pm - :O!!!! Mary and Dmitry! I liked this routine and it was awesome to see how the judges light up when they're doing what they do best.

8:54pm - !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! gaahhh my absolute favorite from the whole season. This Pa De Deux that Will and Katee perform gets to me every time I see it.
9:00pm - I'm really liking this new choreographer Sonya. The routine that Mark and Courtney did to The Garden by Mirah is my favorite Courtney dance.
9:03pm - DUN DUN DUN! First elimination. I like Courtney but I was relived it wasn't any of the other three that came in 4th place. Now I'm not really picky about who wins. I'd like Katee to take it, if not her then Joshua, but Twitch winning wouldn't bother me either.
9:10pm - Top 5 guys dance, 4/5 for me.
9:12pm - ahasldjlkdjlka Cirque du Soleil's Believe performance was my favorite guest performance. This twisted weird stuff is right up my alley.

9:19pm - 2nd Elimination - NOO! Katee I wanted you to win it! =[
- Holy crap she won 50k! Congrats, she definitely earned it.
9:25pm - Debbie Allen's Dance Academy (Tap Dance/Happy Feet) + Nigel, 5/5. It was so nice to see Nigel lighting up like that. Not to mention how well everyone was dancing. It must take an insane amount of effort for that many people to all tap in time together.
9:32pm - Twitch & Katee (Mercy by Duffy) - Another performance I enjoyed more the first time around but I still enjoyed watching it.
9:41pm - Twitch & Kherington - Beautiful.
9:46pm - Joshua & Katee (this seasons Benjelle for me) was a nice big YES!
9:50pm - =DDDD The Best of SYTYCD was sick. Woow I didn't recognize Ivan until the last second. 5/5
- YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS WOOO! JOSH WON! (If you were anywhere near my house when my family and I were watching this, you would of heard the resounding shrieks of joy coming from Veronica, me and my mom.)

*sorry for the post being late, considering that the finale was 4 days ago.

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