Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Today...... well actually yesterday was the last day my family had with our not-so-beloved saturn. My parents decided to get rid of it because there is always something wrong with it, or some weird new sound coming from something falling off. Sooo they aren't going to keep paying for car insurance which means bye-bye car. We'll be a bus and bike family from now on. I guess I'm a rare breed because I really like taking the bus (yes even in the winter) and I like the challenge this presents to us as a family. Getting around without a car isn't nearly as hard as a lot of people make out. The major thing is that it'll take longer to get around. Which is only a problem for me because I have serious time management issues but hopefully with time and practice it'll be possible. Plus I'm already used to taking the bus to school and to get around whenever my parents weren't able to drive me. Whenever we do need a car (to get to my grandma's house etc.) we can rent a car for the day. A lot of people at my mom's job think this is craazzyy and it'll be impossible for us to live without a car. I look forward to proving them wrong.

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Ayesha said...

I'm a big fan of public transportation too, so I agree with you on the whole enjoying taking the bus thing. I have a car but I'd much rather use the bus or train to get around, parking is such a pain!

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