Thursday, August 14, 2008

Dear Valentina (stop wasting your own time)

I have a serious issue of not giving myself the chance to do well in school by holding myself back. I do this by procrastinating (to the absolute last minute). I don’t do homework, I don’t study, I don’t go to class. Which equals a hell lot of bad marks, failing marks, and me having to sign a contract now to go back to Westdale. (Contract as in something saying I won’t miss classes etc. or I get kicked out.)

The fact that I have wonderful parents is only more evident because instead screaming and yelling at me like I think I deserve, we’re talking about what I’m doing wrong and what I need to do to stop and succeed in school.

What I need to do is stop procrastinating. No more I’ll start in 30 minutes bullshit. I’m too smart for this and most of the time I’m just anxious about doing the work so I avoid it. What I need to do now is establish a routine and stick to it and get used to working first and playing later. Another push in the right direction is to put this whole thing up somewhere public so I’m more inclined to accomplish all this.

Wish me luck. And people who know me, say the word procrastinate whenever you see me procrastinating, please.

Goals to achieve by the end of the summer
-start cross stitch return beads
-have my room tidy and organized
-organize French and science binder
-have my sleeping pattern in order (bed by 11:30, waking up by 6:30am)

Goals to achieve during school year
-maintain a 85%-93% average
-balance extra curriculars with school
All year long responsibilities
*semi-passive member of triune
*rugby 2nd semester
*school newspaper?
*volunteering with journalism related things
*working on weekends
*Model UN
*my blog
-start saving money for Romania trip (Photography/Journalism summer '09)
-maintain a healthy sleeping pattern

Temporary Responsibilities
-Keep the Beat
-Halloween volunteering


rex said...

sometimes you and I have such similar problems.

Good luck, have fun.. don't get stressed out, because I think you tend to focus on being stressed out rather than why you're stressed (and fixing it), y'know?

You've got all that ambition so rock onnnn.

Lady_V said...

Thanks =]

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