Sunday, August 17, 2008

Link Love #2

Bharet Sakki
Bharat Sikka
::Fashion Editorials::
Welcome to the Witching Hour featuring Jourdan Dunn for i-D (shot by Emma Summerton)
Reality Show shot featuring Sasha Pivivarova for Vogue Paris (shot by Craig McDean)
Suggestions featuring Olga Kurylenko for Vogue Italia (shot by Greg Williams)

- Science gets us one step closer to an Invisibility Cloak

- Veronica's iPhone malfunctioned in the coolest way

-May I Be Offended on Your Behalf?

-Winona brings us another round of Six Impressions

-I loooooovvvveee this outfit

- Condi, we need to talk & Beauty is in the..... are 2 good reads over @ Field Negro

-Betty does it again with some Old School Pics

- Visit this amazing site, RIGHT NOW! (Yes I mean now)

-This is clear evidence that Tyra has been sniffing some serious shit. There is no other excuse for these Cycle 11 promos.


The Clothes Horse said...

Mmm, am loving that picture.

lalaliu said...

that picture! those glasses! perfection :D you wear soo cute as a kid! love it. linked you up btw :)

Richel said...

what an amazing picture

Lady_V said...

thanks for the link lala =]

thanks richel and t.c.h. for the comments.

FELICITY [!] said...

lovely picture, those glasses are just killer!

& valentina is such a sweet name! x

Lady_V said...

ty =]

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