Monday, September 1, 2008

Dun dun dun......

Girl Walking Octopus by Barnaby Ward
Girl Walking Octopus by Barnaby Ward

School starts tomorrow. I'll be in grade 11. Time flies by so quickly. I still remember freaking out (just before grade 9) because homg Westdale is so big compared to Norwood and omg I'll get lost etc. Now it's time to stress about University choices and "What I Want To Do With The Rest Of My Life" (TM)

Value Village is having a 50% off sale tomorrow and I'm heading over before school to try and find some new clothes. I'm lucky that I'm in grade 11 because school doesn't start for me until noon so I have the chance to stop by VV in case you were wondering why I had the time.

Hmmmmm stillll no sign of the ever elusive camera charger. Push comes to shove I'll be able to start posting recent pictures of myself by mid September thanks to

I'm gonna run off now and watch some more Buffy while trying to pick something to wear tomorrow. Tata~


Ali said...

wow, I love that picture! good luck with the bargain hunting

Lady_V said...

thanks =]

Tara said...

awesome picture, i love it! hope your first day of school went well :)

Lady_V said...

School was pretty fun =]


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