Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Val's Adventures - First Installment

"Val's Adventures" are photographic and voyeuristic peeks into my every day life. Basically these are snapshots taken at school at home or anywhere else and I wanted to put them up somewhere. Plus since I'm now Facebook free* it's easier for my friends to save pictures they want from me this way.

Diana & Ailish

The Gang

My wonderful Briefcase

(From left to right) Tiffany, Ailish, Diana

Tiffany & Helena

Ailish & Rachael

Ailish rocking (I'm using that word a lot now) my sunglasses

Steph being interesting (=P ) & Helena

(hahaha) Diana & Tiffany in some..... idk weird leg dual

Ailish has a crush on the man in the magazine.

At Home
Me & my 9 year-old sis Olivia in our backyard.

2nd 1
My legs on my bedroom wall

2nd 3
=O Me without my glasses! This is a rare occurrence, treasure it!

2nd 2
That's all folks!

*I got rid of it because I stopped getting what I wanted out of it. It was really useful for organizing my parties but besides that I was using it to feed into my ego by friending people I didn't even like to up my friend count. I wasn't digging the atmosphere of it, if that makes any sense >_> Some people would think it's hypocritical to get rid of Facebook then get a blog, twitter and modepass etc. But to me at least, Facebook was more of a RL thing I used to keep in contact with friends or acquaintances from school. I think my biggest problem, personally with Facebook was that to me it was useless chatter. After the novelty wore of it became meaningless communication to me. It was a lot of small talk (HBD, what do we have for homework? etc.) gossip and other stuff that wasn't very vital to my social or personal life. Plus there's the whole capitalist agenda and the whole you can get rid of your account but you have to delete everything by hand thing that's really fishy. My blog, twitter, modepass and style mob are ways for me interact with people (globally) about personal style, Fashion in general and all things blogosphere. I will admit that sometimes I regret getting rid of Facebook but with all the stuff I'm doing and my blog I don't think I'd have time for a Facebook account anyways. So for simplicity's sake I'm glad that people just email or call me now instead of writing on my wall.
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The vast majority of the photos I use on this blog are not mine. Whenever possible I will credit photos but in some insistences this isn't possible. For example I have a collection of un-credited photos saved on my computer. So unless otherwise noted the photos on this blog are not mine. If you see an un-credited photo and it's yours (or you know who it belongs to) let me know so I can either take it down or give you credit.


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