Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Val's Adventures - Second Installment

"Val's Adventures" are photographic and voyeuristic peeks into my every day life. Basically these are snapshots taken at school at home or anywhere else and I wanted to put them up somewhere. Plus since I'm now Facebook free it's easier for my friends to save pictures they want from me this way.

Locke Street Festival
On the 6th, I met up with Rachael at her house and we headed off to the festival. It was really fun and we bumped into Tala and Hannah while they were doing booth duty. We walked around looking at different things, stopped and watched a street performer (I'm a fire eater hahaha), walked around some more and stopped at the Bagel Shop (I think that's the name) to get something to eat. After that we headed back to her house, where I ended up watching the Shining for the first time. When the movie was done I walked downtown and caught a bus to my house. The whole time I was walking I had "Red Rum!" stuck in my head.

V.A. #2 1 Pictures, Images and Photos
This is my type of bike. My mother's bike looks like this but without the working wheels and brakes. The company name is Raleigh, so if I end up buying a new bike I'll check this company out.

V.A. #2 2 Pictures, Images and Photos

V.A. #2 3 Pictures, Images and Photos
Belt buckles and other knick knacks.

V.A. #2 4 Pictures, Images and Photos
I don't have anywhere in my room to hook up a telephone but I was very tempted to buy these anyway.

V.A. #2 5 Pictures, Images and Photos
Some killer and massive bird houses.

V.A. #2 6 Pictures, Images and Photos
V.A. #2 7 Pictures, Images and Photos
If I was allowed to have a pet and wasn't paranoid about a bird flying away somewhere, I think I'd get a bird as a pet.

V.A. #2 8 Pictures, Images and Photos

V.A. #2 9 Pictures, Images and Photos
My self-engagement ring has been eaten by my house so I'm searching for a replacement. I didn't end up buying this one but I took a photo of it because I really like it but didn't have enough cash on me. If I'm lucky I'll be able to find something like this on Etsy.

V.A. #2 10 Pictures, Images and Photos
Yeaaahh, it was pretty crowded.

V.A. #2 11 Pictures, Images and Photos

V.A. #2 12 Pictures, Images and Photos
Some tin man marching band members.

Photobucket Image Hosting
Photobucket Image Hosting
I have no idea who this man is but he was hilarious. He was standing and posing for change for Breast Cancer. Is anyone else reminded of Fabio?

V.A. #2 18 Pictures, Images and Photos
Tala & Hannah face painting.

V.A. #2 19 Pictures, Images and Photos
Tala painting Rachael's face. She painted a peace sign on Rachael's face and a heart on mine.

Photobucket Image Hosting
This is the street performer we watched. I can't remember his name but he had a good sense of humor and was amusing. He had a female volunteer lighting torches that he was putting out with his mouth. He had told her earlier if his clothing happened to catch fire that she was to put it out (she was wearing an oven mitt). His shirt caught fire so she put it out. And then he light his ass on fire and she put that fire out for him too. He jokingly tried to light her butt on fire too and when she backed away he said that was too bad because he's a fire eater. Zing!

Photobucket Image Hosting
My yummy lunch that I had at the bagel shop. They didn't have any cinnamon raisin bagels left. Rachael suggested that we have these cinnamon sugar (can't remember for sure it that's what they're called) bagels instead. They were delicious and sticky and sugary. I had my standard choice of plain cream cheese on my bagel. Also, some old women peered intensely into the window (she was actually right up against it) to see what we were eating. She seemed like quite the character. I kind of wish I took a picture of her.

Photobucket Image Hosting
A picture that I took while I was walking home.

Photobucket Image Hosting
Before I went to the bus stop I made a pit stop at a Tim Horton's to get some grub. The picture on the counter is one of the two vintage pictures that I bought for a buck each.


Annie said...

Oh fun!
Whoah, that unicycle looks scary!

Lady_V said...

It took four people to hold the unicycle up for the performer to get up there. He also stepped and pushed himself off the guys holding up the unicycle. The girl who was putting out the fire had the job of tossing 4 huge knives up to the performer. Aannnd then the performer juggled four knives on the unicycle with a black bag over his head. He didn't juggle for more than a minute. But still, wow

Fashion Is Poison said...

ooo wish i was there!

rex said...

(He's called Truly Odd. 8D)

Tala Azar said...

you know, i was there for three hours and i didn't see anything! what a loss. but last year it was pretty boring so i didn't think it would be interesting. i feel stupid now.
i was face painting though and that is a top priority. and i thought you knew my name? ;)

Lady_V said...

whoops, now I feel stupid now too. *fixes mistake*

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