Monday, October 13, 2008


Whoops, sorry for disappearing for the last two weeks. Life's been hectic lately so I've neglected my blog. I'll have some actual content for you guys tomorrow. Until then take Kitty Cat Gemma as my way of saying sorry ;)

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Mary said...

she is so friggin cute... love it

and with the way canada goes, there will definitely be an election in 2 years! ugh, such a waste of money, and no big results.

---> ACE?!?! said...


i miss my val. english class isn't the same without you.

Anonymous said...

i love that photograph! gemma is one of my favorite supermodels!

Lady_V said...

mary: ugghhhh the conservatives are back in power ><. But at least it's a minority government. I'm also disappointed by the news that apparently at least half of Canada didn't bother to vote yesterday. I'm only 16, but I've noticed that with the new government with every other election, Canada doesn't seem to change much.

Ace: Love I'll be back in school tomorrow. I was bad and skipped class on Tuesday and today I was at the Me to We Conference. The conference was AMAZING btw.

lacouturienyc: Gemma is beyond gorgeous and I love how the made the kitty cat ears in that picture.

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