Thursday, January 15, 2009

TiLT #9

Julia Pike
*2009 (two thousand and divine): I said hello to 2009 by chatting (via gchat) with my bud Rachael and then running outside with 10 seconds to go with my family. My family and I lit candles and made our wishes for what we would like to accomplish in 2009. I'm not sure why but I feel really amazing/wonderful/invincible about this year. Here's to hoping my hunch is just the start of good things to come in 2009.

*My birthday: I'm 17 tomorrow! 16 was a transitional year I guess. Not too good but it could've been worse. And even when I was here last year, I wasn't that pumped about turning 16. 18 is the year that I get thrilled thinking about because it's University and independence to me. I'm not into driving and won't be getting my driver's license for a while so there wasn't much allure to 16. Just the sound 2009 and 17 gets my heart pumping. I'm very excited to see how I grow and what I accomplish during my 17th year.

*Nail polish: This is my new addiction. I'm getting obsessed with the sophistication or other dimensions of personality that nail polish can add to someone's hands. I only have 3-5 colours (all OPI or Nicole by OPI) and 2 clear base coats (1 for hands and the other for hosiery). I'm very drawn to dark and shimmery colours, especially the almost black shades. As in a very very very dark auburn or purple that appears black until the light hits it. I'm getting addicted to hand ornamentation in general, so in the coming months I'm going to try and get my hands on some rings as well.

*PrettyMuchAmazing: PMA is a pretty amazing music blog. My speakers have been running around the clock with tracks that I've found on that site.

*You Are Among Friends: This is a free podcast version of a webzine. It's advice to every little sister that Lindsey never had. It's pure gold and you should definitely spare 18 minutes to listen to it.

*My 2nd semester classes: Beginning Jan 30th, I have World History, Photography, French, and Mixed Math. I've heard through the grapevine of some of the people who will be in my photography and I am most pleased with what I've heard so far. It's definetely shaping up to be an epic class. Same goes for French because the teacher that teaches that class is hilarious but still manages to get stuff done. My other two classes are with teachers I've never had before but that isn't dulling my excitement much. Just 3 more days to go, then exams and then my kick ass 2nd semester starts! I can't believe High School is going by so quickly. My little sister is choosing her grade 9 classes right now and deciding whether she wants to do IB or not. This time next year I'll be fretting about University applications.......

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