Friday, January 16, 2009


My first of 365 pictures.

I have 13 roles of film leftover from my travels to Honduras and Egypt. Developing film is so expensive these days that I keep putting it off. I'm going out with my friends on the 24th for my birthday*, if I get any money I might use some of it to get some of film developed.

I've been passively thinking about this 365 project since '07. I was supposed to start this on Jan 1st, but I got lazy. But I'm lucky and my birthday was today (technically yesterday since I'm posting this around midnight) and I thought that would be a more interesting date to start and end this project with. So I'm beginning today and ending this project on my 18th (!!!!) birthday.

*My birthday was on the 16th but exams are coming up so everyone is busy.

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