Tuesday, September 8, 2009

What's a Wornette?

So where oh where have I disappeared to this time?

I've had the most productive summer in my life. July was the dreaded month of summer school which wasn't that bad since the teacher I had wanted to be there as much as the students did (read: not at all). And I had class with an awesome acquaintance and about 3 of my friends were also taking classes. I fell in love with my new cell phone during summer school too. A boy in my friend's English class has a blackberry bold and ever since I tentatively typed on that phone I knew our destinies were entwined. Evidently I'm a bit of a tech geek and I crunched and counted numbers until I was lucky enough to come by the bold at a discounted price that my mom was willing to pay for. I have to pay for the monthly bill myself, and it's more than a fair amount of money but it's all worth it to me.

After summer school ended I got some downtime, but not much. This is simply a statement of a fact though and not at all a complaint. How could one possible complain when the reason why I didn't have much time was because I was running off to Toronto for a Worn internship?

I discovered Worn through a web chain that most likely originated at the hands of internet god, Google. After some rather enthusiastic communication I submitted my application. Fast forward a week or two and you would have seen my mom and I trotting around T.O. for my interview. I did something right and I was chosen.

My internship was fun, exciting, and was truly the type of inspiration and information I needed to know that I'm headed in the right direction of studying Journalism in University. I'm going to be a freelancer of sorts with Worn now and I'll be popping over T.O. whenever I can to help with the maintenance of the World of Worn. If I go to Ryerson or U of T Scarborough I'll be donning my Lady Wornette title once again for a 2nd internship.

Today is the first day of my last year in High School. I've been doing a count down to school for the last two weeks and driving my fellow 12th graders and friends up the bloody wall. No one wants to hear about school and the impending boogey monster that is University applications but I'm ready to rock that shit! I have French, Entrepreneurship, West & the World History, and Writer's Craft this semester. I'm going to be in a variety of school clubs and basically keeping extremely busy. Another good thing about how full of motion my summer was is that I've gotten somewhat used to being busy. I'm still prone to bouts of procrastination executed via tv & internet. But I can't do it to the same extent that I used to. Also my younger sister starts High School this year. She's phenomenal and I love her very much so I'm looking forward to having one* of my partners in crime at school with me.

Shirt - clothing swap that I went to while I was in T.O.
Pants - H&M
Shoes - My good old & dying Mary Janes from SpringNecklace - Courage My Love, a shop in Kensington Market
Green clusterfuck ring - A gift from my friend Rachael
Janice (Rocky Horror anyone?) Ring - A ring that used to belong to my mom that I claimed

*My other partner in crime is the one and only Olivia who starts grade 5 today.

I hope everyone had a lazier labour day than I did. To balance out all my responsibilities realistically and keep this blog going I'm going to post 2-3 times a week.

Go here to read my summary post of my Worn internship.


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