Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Oh Edward

I just came home from the library. They were showing Twilight for free and I've been meaning to watch it to see how funny it is for a while. There were definitely a lot muffled laughs but my god when Edward started to sparkle and grimace I just... well let's just say my head hurts from the amount of repressed laughter that happened. And I was with my friend Rachael, and every time I would stop laughing I would hear her laughter and then I would start laughing again. The pacing was really slow and the movie took itself way too seriously, obviously. I'm actually surprised we didn't get shushed for laughing, we did get a few glares though. After the "tense" baseball scene Rachael and I decided to leave, we saw all the parts that we wanted to. Namely sparkly Eddy in all his glory. I can't wait for crazy Bella (you know, the suicidal one that wants to hear Edward's voice) to rear her head in the next movie.


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