Thursday, December 18, 2008

Dead Like Me: Life After Death

I'm taking a little break from my hiatus to just drool over this. I never knew they were making a Dead Like Me movie! I can't wait for this, but now I definetely need to have a marathon party at my house so I can go see this movie with some of my friends. The movie is coming out February 17th, and omgomgomg I can't wait. This show was hilarious and should have lasted more than 2 seasons but at least now I get this. Hopefully the same thing will happen with Pushing Daisies. I wish the Daisy stayed the same but oh well.


Alice said...

Ooh oooh ooh! I just found out about this from a friend yesterday! Normally I'd write off this sort of news as a rumor, but there's a trailer and everything, so you just KNOW it's true! And while I'm just about excited enough to squeal over it, I AM quite sad that Rube won't be in it...

Valentina said...

Rube will definitely be missed (same with Daisy's old actor) and I think that the reapers use blackberries now instead of post-it notes. I understand why they would switch but I'm fond of the post it notes and I'll miss them. I wonder what would happen if one of their blackberries malfunctioned or if the battery died....

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