Sunday, November 16, 2008

Eye Candy #6


Tala Azar said...

these kind of remind me of holocaust photos and for that reason they come across as a bit sexually twisted.

does that make sense?

Lady_V said...

it's makes sense in kind of a twisted morbid way.

Diana said...

speaking of twisted... the pose in the sixth photo 100% makes me think the girl's back is facing us and her head's pulled an exorsist... hmm

Lady_V said...


I think it's interesting that everyone else that sees theses pictures see something a lot more morbid or horror-ish than I do.

I wonder what that says about me?

Also I need to see that movie.

Diana said...

for me, personally, it's the really dark background where you can sometimes see something in the shadows but not figure out what they are that makes them a bit scary.

and val! it's a HORROR movie!

Lady_V said...

Well, it's a classic and I can always turn the movie off if I get too scared....

but in that scenario it might be best to just watch the whole movie. If I stop watching the movie half way through my imagination might frighten me more in the long run, than the actual movie.

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