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That's me pulling a very attractive face

Hi, for whatever reason you're reading this right now. So welcome to my "me" blog which won't really have any certain focus. I'll talk about clothes and my personal style. I'll gush about anime or manga that I'm into at the moment and as it says in my bio, anything else that comes to mind.

Right now I feel like talking about self esteem, boys and dating. So as any usual teenager would do, I was snooping through my mom's jewelery and found this beautiful amethyst pendant and what I think is a diamond ring. I took to wearing her amethyst pendant to school but after finding out from her that yes, it was real, I stopped wearing it so I wouldn't lose it. But that ring that I found has been on my hand constantly for the last 3-4 months. I'm left handed and when I started wearing it, the ring felt weird on my middle finger so I started wearing it on my ring finger of my left hand. Well I've never been one of those girls whose always dreamed of a perfect wedding and Barbies bore me so the whole engaged thing never entered my mind. But after going to some relatives houses over the holidays I kept getting sarcastic comments about who was I seeing, and when was I getting married etc. etc. I usually just said oh I'm just seeing myself right now at the time without really thinking about it, because I haven't been in a rush to get a boyfriend either. A couple weeks later I was reading an article written by the amazing Gala Darling on
and was completely fascinated. What she was saying made complete sense. Why is everyone in such a rush to go find a special someone when they don't even love themselves first? It just seems like you're asking for trouble. I've learned from years of having no self-esteem that you'll look everywhere and anywhere for approval, and that you usually need several positive comments to feel comfortable doing something. And even then you only feel like you got those comments because whoever gave them to you felt like they had to.

I'm very lucky to have an amazing mother who doesn't doubt herself and isn't afraid to speak her mind and it seems like its finally rubbing off on me. If you go to my school and have known me for more than 1-2 years you'd be able to tell by how I dress. I sadly at the time don't have much of a social life and school is the place where I have an audience to express myself in front of the most often. So I've experimented a lot and my style (which I didn't ever really have until September) has gone through a huge change. Me having little to no self confidence in middle school, (despite having been told I have an admirable figure) usually hid in ridiculously large and baggy clothing. In middle school, especially grade 8, I would trek to school in converse (which are about to die =[ ) track pants and a huge ass sweater/hoodie. I would tie my hair up and maybe where eyeshadow. Even though I wasn't miserable 24/7 I looked like crap most days and I didn't care that I looked this way.

Then grade 9 began. A part of the problem with me wearing clothing that didn't fit me was that my mom is a huge worry wart and didn't want me, quote on quote "exposing my developing body" (it wasn't me that she didn't trust, it was the WORLD *enter dramatic music here*). So if she saw something she thought I might like she'd get me a size L or XL. Even though I'm usually a M. I didn't care in middle school and I would just shrug, say thank you and wear whatever she got me if I liked it. Buut then I started to want to wear clothing that fit me in gr.9 and brought my mom's comfort level up with my incessant nagging. If you're wondering about my dad's opinion on this, well I'm still my daddy's little girl and he doesn't notice that I have breasts yet so he doesn't really object to what I wear. I also started experimenting with makeup a lot more.

I started getting interested in DIY fashion in gr.9 too but me being a procrastinator to the max, I haven't actually made anything....yet! And then sometime in August I found Gala Darlings blog (I cannot for the life of me remember how I stumbled across her blog) and the rest was history. From there I started visiting sites like Hel Looks, Face Hunter and Sartorialist. I got extremely interested in fashion, street fashion to be precise and in September when school started I went to the ground running. I guess my style right now is how my friend Tala would say (she was talking about my personality in general) is supposedly full of contradictions that just aren't when combined by me. I love colors and I am OBSESSED with stockings and would have a lot more if I had the funds to sustain my addiction. I like doing what other teens consider weird and I'd much rather get strange looks then blend into the crowd. I like to play around with my hair a lot too, and in the past couple of months have formed the habit of dissecting other peoples outfits. I'm not very cultured so I guess I'd say my inspiration is life and I usually run my outfits past my other halves (Veronica and Olivia, my beautiful sisters whom I love dearly.)

And umm holy crap what a tangent but anyways I've decided that yes I'm dating myself and that I'm taken until further notice.


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